Who Am I?


Who Am I and Who Do I Want to Meet?

Having few secrets, you will find me a dedicated and cultivated hedonist and an epicure. My whole life I have been drawn to the earthly delights that bring happiness and pleasure to myself and those I share my time with.

I enjoy living by taking the time to indulge as often as possible in the most sensuous pleasures afforded mankind, firstly and foremost, tangible engagement. Followed by the decadence that is eating fantastic foods, perfumery, exquisite music, wine, candlelit baths and reading everything I get my hands on. Dance, especially Flamenco and Ballet, physical fitness and baking are also favorite pastimes of mine.

I truly love spending time with people, particularly one on one. I like to entertain, please, help, listen, inspire and exchange experiences and energies to create the most beautiful of interactions. To engage all five senses consciously and focus on what the human body is capable of feeling, is exactly the kind of awareness I hope to create with those I meet.

I have lived a real life and paid attention.  My practice is not a means to an end for me, but something I do because I enjoy it above anything else. To be able to educate and cultivate myself, whilst being in the company of fine human beings-hearing their stories & ideas… is a life I have carefully laid into place with great satisfaction and joy.

My gifts lie in finding beauty in every element~for fellow hedonists and even for those who only want to experience this way of living in short intervals~I say, welcome.

It’s funny, the often profound difference between how we view ourselves and how others see us, but for those interested, here is what the mirror tells me: My hair is shoulder length and naturally sandy blond~though subject to my whims and currently a shade of strawberry; my eyes are blue and hint at periwinkle. I am five foot seven and possessing of innumerable curves, with a physique that could called athletic and womanly. I have a classical English face & very fair skin with a smattering of freckles and measure at 34c, 28, 38.