Spring Special Rates!

Hi there!

Has it been a while since we’ve seen each other? Have we never met? I’d like to present to you a gorgeous enticement for the month of April to help us [re]engage & also ease everyone into my changing availability.

I have recently finalized the completion of my second business (and lifelong dream of mine), to add to the roster of my, now, three endeavors. Though, hopefully I don’t need to specify which is my favorite ūüėČ

Getting to spend time with people in the capacity that I offer, as Adelle, is a reward and treat for me at the end of my normal day, just as I hope it is for you.

Beginning now and even a bit more so in April, you’re going to find my calendar more limited that it has been in the past. My new distribution and allocation of my time, makes playtime that much sweeter for me. So, to celebrate and extend our time together~please see my tempting offers below.

April Special rates:

1 hr date~$450

1 hr mutual touch fbsm~$350

1 hr temple style fbsm~$200

Any session (yes any) longer than an hour, enjoy yourself with me at the donation rate of the tier below the time frame chosen. Example:

Normal ratesР           90 min 650, 2 hr, 900, 3 hr 1200, 4 hr 1600

April Special ratesР90 min 500, 2 hr 650, 3 hr 900, 4 hr 1200

Etc. etc. Applies to 80 minute fbsm options too!


I hope you have a beautiful week!



p.s. Please don’t forget to utilize the request forms on my site when making an appointment-even if I know you well; it helps me out a lot.

Also, click the button to sign up for my mailing list to receive posts, like this one, to make sure we stay connected! I post pictures here, I don’t post anywhere else and also announce my specials, pertinent news and (starting now) any and all travel ahead of time, so those of you out of state, never have to miss me when I breeze into your city!



X-Men Factor + FBSM duo Special

Well, as it turns out, my previous post was perhaps a little un-needed. Never having had a broken bone or stitch in my life, I was perhaps unaware of exactly how robust and resilient I am. Less than 72 hours after my surgery, both my physician and personal nurse (unexpectedly unneeded) were startled that I was so well. Barring a bit of bruising on my neck, there was nothing limiting or uncomfortable about my daily routine; they jokingly referred to me as Wolverine (for his regenerative powers).

So, having already snuck in some making out on the side and spent part of my today doing my Saturday morning volunteer work, I’ve decided to rejoin the world earlier than expected. I’m delighted to feel so well, but honestly am just happy to be able to actively participate in the things I enjoy, I do not do “nothing” well. Even vacations of too leisurely a slant, don’t suit me.

To celebrate my renewed appreciation of my health~allow me to propose a nod & toast to Your well being, too.

My darling protege’ has become a full fledged Goddess in her own right over the last four years & it is still hugely exciting for me to get to collaborate with her in peeling each others clothes off and touching someone else. Satisfying in the way that can only happen if my partner is as enthralled by the activity as I am. I have exactly that privilege, each time I share space and time with Christina Slater. If you would like to join us for a decadent four handed Full Body Massage this Month, we are offering the following special donation rate:

60 minutes//$400

90 minutes//$550

If you have seen either of us, you are pre-screened and welcome to book through either of us. If you are new all around, you’re still more than welcome to join, just follow the screening mentioned on either of our sites.



Availability for the Rest of 2017

Greetings friends!

On the 30th of this month, I will be undergoing a routine, but pretty invasive surgery (on my throat). As a lover of all things having to do with my mouth, my wistfulness is centered more around the temporary break I’m having to take from eating, singing and…other things*, than any fear of the procedure itself.

This has been a welcome reminder to me of the value of my health and importance of investing in the things in my life that matter to me [that will be put on pause for a few weeks].

As a direct result, I have decided 3 things: To visit NYC in December (a city I love so much)/Travel. To (finally) officially become certified as a health coach/Dream. And to *drum roll*… Procure another in-call in January/Love.

The former meaning, that between my recovery time & being out of state, I will have limited time for the rest of the year to visit with friends (for those of you I have not yet met, it should be noted that I am extremely low volume in my practice, to preserve the integrity and sincerity of what I do); combined, this means… I shall see less of everyone than I would hope, but will savor the visits I do have, exponentially.

I also hope to utilize some of the resting time I have to finish the re-vamp on my website. You may have noticed it looks a little bare right now, but rest assured, fresh pictures and new content will arrive soon. Hopefully I’ll be posting more musings as well; I do so love to write and rarely find time for it anymore.

My website calendar will be up to date within 24 hours. Pre-booking is encouraged as my availability is so limited. You’re also welcome to screen in advance if you would like to slightly expedite trying to get together another time (though keep in mind, I still require one of my forms for the details of our visits as well as a minimum of 24 hours notice).

Fondly yours,

Adelle Sabatier