Dates-Complete Intimacy

Between here and there, after yesterday and before tomorrow, we have now. For kind and gentle persons who seek a life less than ordinary and relish the exceptional, I offer dates in which the present can be turned into an unforgettable interlude.

The authenticity of the level of companionship I provide is unparalleled. I will not say things I do not mean, nor feign enjoyment or amusement. What I hope to offer is less of a fantasy and more of a dream come true.

I savor and cherish these types of rendezvous and am highly selective in whom I will share my time with in this capacity. Age, race, lifestyle, profession, appearance etc. Are of no consequence to me. I simply need to know that our relationship will be of benefit and value to one another.





Each additional day thereafter/2000

-If we have seen each other under a different donation structure, grandfathered rates are graciously accepted

**For visits of 24 hours or more, airfare, accommodations and meals to be provided by my host. A 50% deposit for my time made before my/our travels, the rest to be given to me upon my arrival. My time begins when you pick me up from the airport and ends when you drop me off~air time does not apply.

This is your time & its my privilege to pamper and thrill you during it. I hope to share vigorous and breathless moments with you as well as still and intimate tranquility. We can do whatever pleases you during our time together. Im open minded and find a variety of activities very satisfying and interesting~of course, I’m sure my favorite is wildly apparent, though;) Below is a listing of basic suggestions of how I like to spend each of my time offerings, but this is entirely flexible and only meant to inspire and guide. Please remember that any dates of 3 hours or longer as designed to be enjoyed both in and out of the bedroom.

1.5hrs-One of my favorites. This allows me enough time to thoroughly discover and sate your bedroom desires; very nice for those i’m just meeting (to get to know you) & returning friends (to catch up).

2 hrs-Preferred for returning friends or those who have found this time length to be a good fit for them. Excellent for exploring secret fantasies or entertaining the notion of both languid or stamina minded entanglement.

3hrs-Another favorite. Simply put-dinner & dessert. Foreplay both socially and physically, where we can play games with our eyes before retiring to the bedroom.

4hrs-Simply put-dessert, dinner, dessert again. Utterly Delicious…for those who, like myself, understand the beauty of excess.

5hrs-Simply put-dessert, dinner, theatre, dessert.

6hrs-Similar to the 5 hours but usually involving a party or event of sorts.

12-14 hours-The sleepover! I do like these very much indeed, but suggest them only for returning friends are those who understand real life peeks in here-me hearing your snore, you seeing me first thing in the morning. Etc. Romantic for some, but not for everyone. If you have the time I really like to lean toward the longer time frame (i.e. 7pm-9am) so we have time to enjoy dinner together, but I understand for some, work for you might leave us less time to work with & we will just have to pack that much more into the time we have<3

Day(s)- The ultimate fantasy tapered with the beauty of relaxed reality. Are you traveling for business or pleasure & desire the uncomplicated attachments of an utterly devoted travel companion? Allow me to be your arm candy, perfectly poised to stroll a new city with you or perhaps help you better explore and enjoy one you frequent for business travel. I possess the poise and informed intelligence to hold my own at any events you may like me to accompany you. If its a beach retreat or cabin get away you prefer, perhaps we explore the chance to indulge in a zipline tour or stand up paddle boarding together. Snow? Maybe you can teach me to ski and beat me at chess by the fireplace (I’m dismal but lose with dignity).

I highly recommend having spent much time with me before committing to this much time together. I am easy to get along with & enjoy most everything, but I want to make sure it will be exactly the perfect fit for you too.

I also offer another type of travel arrangement for those who will be engaged most of their trip & will only have time to spend with me for a few hours each day or even just a single night. Inquire for details. Business trip or vacationing include your friend? I have a friend too~double your pleasure, double your fun!

**Donation amounts listed are for my time and companionship only. Anything more that occurs is privately, mutually agreed upon between consenting adults**